Unpublished writings

Detalle cuadro de Sor María de Jesús. Estella

painting detail of Sister María of Jesús. Estella

LETTER TO Father Pedro Manero

You can find Sister Mary’s answers to Father Manero´s questions.  It is in  Saint Angelo Castle. It was composed at the end of 1650 or at the beginning of 1651.

It is divided in three parts:

  • Report about her spiritual life in her childhood and her exteriorities period (1621-1623.
  • Report about her new way that led her to our Lord after her exteriorities period.
  • 33 resolutions for her spiritual perfection.

The second part is closely related with The Mystical City of God.


Place – year: unknown.

Size – pages: 80 pg.

Topic: It is for those souls that want to walk to God and practise virtues.

  • It is dedicated to her sister Jeronima of the Holy Trinity, her smallest sister.
  • It is a dialogue between the soul and God….
  • The original is in Agreda.