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¿What did she write?

Pintura de Sor María de Jesús

Pintura de Sor María de Jesús en la Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol

Sister Maria de Jesus of Ágreda, wrote several works, writings and numerous letters. In this section we offer to all those that are interested in knowing her literary activity, a summary the works that have been published until now, as well as, of their unpublished writings.

Also we clarified in this section the writings that really belong to the Mother Ágreda, those that have been certified as well as those which are clear that have been written by her and, likewise, we give the names of those that were declared by the Roman Inquisition as writings falsely attributed to Sister Maria de Jesus

Hoping that this information helps you to know a little bit, the greatness of this woman, who wrote not only beautiful spiritual pages, but also with a property of the language, envied by many people.

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