Prayers to the Mother Agreda

“Our Lord and our God, glorify on earth the Venerable Mother Sister María de Jesús of Agreda, she helped us to discover the magnificent treasures of grace bestowed on the Immaculate Mother of your Son and let us, like her, go into Jesus by Mary. We ask it on behalf of Jesus Christ, your Son, and by intercession of the Virgin Mary, our Mother.” Amen.

(Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary and Gloria)


The sign of the Cross…

Act of contrition. (Oh my God I am heartily    sorry…)

Beginning Prayer for every day

Oh Lord that you said to us by means of Sister Maria de Jesus of Agreda: Poor, helpless, sinful, big, small, sick and all the children of Adam, come for your remedy to my liberal and infinite providence, by the intercession of the one that gave human being to the Verb, since only this intercession is powerful to request your remedy and to reach it. Grant the graces to us that today we ask you, in order to be in your holy service entirely. By our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

First day

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Sister Maria de Jesus wrote big things of You. With the same words, we beg you: You want and order me to imitate you; You stamp and record in me your alive image. You sowed the holy seed of your devotion in my earthly heart; guard it and foment it, Mother, Lady and my Owner, in order that it gives hundredth fruit. Direct me up to the end, send me as Queen, teach me as Teacher and correct me as Mother. Amen.

Final prayer for every day

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the life of Sister Maria de Jesus of Agreda was a singing of praise and love to your Divinity, a constant act of generous immolation to fertilize your Church, and a total dedication to the contemplation of the mystery of Maria Immaculate. Because it helps us as example, as stimulus and as guide, we ask you, Lord, for her beatification and glorification in the earth. Amen.

Pray for us Venerable Mother Maria de Jesus, in order that we are worthy to reach the promises of Jesus Christ.

(There be asked the grace that you want to obtain)

Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be.

Second Day

Do it again the beginning and Final Prayer, as in the First Day.

The Holiest Virgin Mary, You said to Sister Maria de Jesus of Agreda, and You say also to us: I take this Church as mine; the Very High One ordered me to take care of her as Mother and Lady, you love her also, respect her and estimate it with all your heart, enjoy her exchequers, achieve the richness of the sky that with its same Author are deposited in the Church. You try to join it with you and to you with it. For this holy Church I want that you work always. You do, our Lady that we feel us, and we work always as Church that we are. And the zeal consumes us for the salvation of the souls, which the Venerable Mother had. Amen.

Third Day

Do it again the beginning and Final Prayer, as in the First Day.

The holiest Virgin Mary, they make us happy and we celebrate the gifts and charismas that you deposited in the soul of Sister Maria de Jesus, and that we guess in these words of her: It acted on me the strong and soft force of the wisdom, It manifest to me the most secret thing, and to the human science more uncertain. It put in front of my eyes to You, oh specious image of the divinity and Mystical City of His room, in order that, in the night and glooms of this mortal life, you were guiding me as star, you were lighting me as moon of the immense light, and I was following you like to Captain, loved you like to Mother, I was obeying you like my Owner, heard you like My Teacher and in You, as in immaculate and pure mirror, Y was looking. Give us Our lady the same feelings and desires of the infinite Wisdom that is Christ, and the love towards You that feed the precious life of your Servant. Amen.

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