350th Anniversary of the Dies Natalis of Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda

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Coinciding with the  Year of Consecrated Life promoted  by Pope Francisco and the 5th Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa de Jesus de Avila, the coming May 24, 2015 we will celebrate the 350th  Anniversary of the birth for heaven (Dies Natalis) of Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda.

How it happened…

              “On May 24, 1665, Sunday of Pentecost, at the same Third hour in which the Divine Spirit came over the Apostles, and the nuns used to sing in the chorus room the “Veni Creator Spiritus” hymn; invoking herself (Sister Maria de Jesus) the coming of the Celestial Spirit, with low and devoted voice, and after repeating come, come, come, peaceful and slowly exhaled her soul  plenty  of merits and virtues, after a very painful illness, caused by a fever and aposteme in the chest that suffered patiently during eleven years. Just then she was sixty-three years old, forty six years as nun and thirty six years as Abbes.

Her memory lasts in the time

Immediately after her death, many manifestations of devotion began not only in the Village of Agreda but also in other places of Spain and of the world. The publishing of her writings, principally The Mystical City of God, help to promote her beatification cause, introduced by the Franciscan Order few years after her death. Her canonization process was interrupted because of doctrinal problems in her writing that have been solved today by different studies performed, it only waits an impulse by the Postulation to take to happy end her beatification cause.

Opening of the 350th Anniversary

Past November 24, 2014, began the celebrations of the 350th Anniversary of her Dies Natalis with an emotive Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Alberto Blanco one of the Parish Pastors of Agreda.

At that time the “Sister Maria de Jesus Working Group” made the opening presentation of the event that has the following aims:

  1. To help up the Beatification Cause.
  2. To make evident that Sister Maria de Jesus is topical nowadays as well as her thinking.
  3. To promote the figure of Sister Maria de Jesus in all her facets.
  4. To propose her as a model of evangelizer.
  5. To bring together the efforts of all the groups who are working for her Beatification Cause around the world.

Several activities are programmed during this year such as:  A special edition of the Magazine of Soria, some conferences, concerts, and the presentation of a musical theater among other events.

In the city of Rome it is organizing an International meeting of Mariology entitled: “Maria de Agreda and the Mystical City of God: historical context and Essential features of her thought, prepared by The Pontifical International Mariana Academy (PAMI). It will take place at the Pontifical Antonianum University, on October 29 – 30, 2015.

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